Conditions Of Participation To The Congress

The Terms Of Participation

The conditions of participation and the relevant statuses are as follows.

  1. Two different statuses can be attended to the congress.
  2. Preparing a paper as a participant,
  3. Participation in the status of listeners can be achieved without preparing a paper.

It is mandatory for the listeners who will participate with the article 1.b. of the conditions to register via . Listeners who do not complete the participation form will not be accredited and will not be able to participate in the sessions of the invited speakers. To register you can be accredited free of charge via our website or by clicking .

After the acceptance of the full texts of the participants under the same conditions under article 1.a. , they will be automatically accredited by the congress coordinator.

  1. Undergraduate and Master students who are actively continuing their education can present papers at the congress.
  2. In addition, only undergraduate and Master students who have graduated in 2018 – 2019 academic year can submit papers at the congress.
  3. In order to encourage further study in different areas, a participant may take up to 2 papers as author. In addition, a study can consist of up to 2 authors.

Under the general conditions of participation in the congress, the article 1.b. is kindly requested by the audience to fill in and send the Audience Form at  until 10 April 2020.

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