Congress Administration

The club management sees all the works that it carries out under the patents to which it is entitled as a brand and tries to maintain its structures in company discipline. In particular, the simultaneous execution of academic studies and the necessity of today’s digital age gains even more value in the relevant brand managements with the support of academics who are both experienced and well-known in their field. In line with these facts, the Advisory Committee of our congress, which will be held this year, is shown in Figure 1. 1.

Figure 1. 1. Administration Chart / Advisory Committee

One of the most important issues in an academic structure in the organized organization is the blending of young students with researchers who have made progress in their education. In particular, all of the students who took part in the congress management as assistants joined the club after a strict elimination; they are researchers who have taken part in congresses afterward, earned degrees and are experienced in the operation of the process. Young economists, who take part in the committee and manage the entire corporate communication network of the congress as the secretariat, are trained in order to gain experience in this and all similar organizations in the future by closely experiencing the process with all its details.

Figure 1. 2. Administration Chart / Organizing Committee



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