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Genç Ekonomistler Kulübü aims to organize the “Genç Ekonomistler Student Congress” and to make this organization traditional, which has attracted great interest in many universities across the country. The congress, which will be held on an international scale, will be held online this year between 19-22 May 2022.

The presentation and theme of the 5th International Genç Ekonomistler Student Congress, which will be held online on 19-22 May 2022, will be shared with the public on our YouTube/Genç Ekonomistler Kulübü channel on Wednesday, 29 December 2021 at 17:30.

In the relevant session, Nida Ağaoğlu representing the Congress Executive Board and Prof. İsmail Çeviş participated; They will answer the sub-titles in the theme of the congress, the call of the congress theme and the questions of the participant candidates.



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