1) How can I participate in the congress?

If you prepare a paper for the congress and your abstract is accepted by the Organizing Committee, you will be called a “Participant”. So you can follow all the seminars in Zoom. Listeners can only watch live broadcasts on “YouTube”.

2) What are the congress awards?

All details of these awards will be announced soon at http://www.kongregeko.org.

3) How can I prepare the paper?

First of all, you have to choose the gel code you want to work with, and then you can do your literature search, get the help of your school counselor, and send your summary in the format we specified on the website. After your abstract is approved by the editing committee, you can write your full text.

4) Is the congress free?

Participation in the congress is completely free.

5) Where can I find spelling rules and other documents?

You can reach it via http://www.kongregeko.org and by clicking the “Document” link.

6) Will points be taken from the presentations?

Those who present papers in the congress will receive points not only from the article, but also from the presentation they will make. The score of the session chair will also be a factor in this scoring.

7) How can I access detailed information for the congress?

For detailed information, you can send an e-mail to kongregeko@gmail.com or call the congress office at +90 542 155 GEKO (4356).


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