1) How can I participate in congress?

  • Two kinds of participation can be achieved. They can either participate in the paper or participate in the listener status.

2) What is the difference between participants or listeners?

  • If you are a participant, you can win the prizes described by your paper. You can also participate in the Workshop if you win an award. In addition, the document will be in the form of Participation Certificate. In addition, if you are a participant, you can pay your accommodation / transportation / meals expenses here as well as from the university. But if you are a listener, you will be deprived of all these opportunities, but you can get a Listener Certificate.

3) What are the congressional awards?

4) How can I prepare the notification?

  • You should first select the gel code you want to work with and then make your literature review, get help from your school counselor, and submit your abstract in the format stated on the website. After your abstract is approved by the scientific board, you can write your full text.

5) Is Congress free??  

  • Participation in the congress is completely free.

6) Do I need to register or register for the congress?

  • You must fill in the-Participant-Listener Form ”on the internet address for your participation in the congress.

7) All expenses in the Congress belong to us?

  • Congress, accommodation and transportation costs for both the guests and listeners belong to them. Lunches will be covered by the congress during the presentations on 29 and 30 April 2020.

8) How can I afford my expenses?

  • If you participate as a listener, you will have to cover all costs yourself. However, if you are a participant by preparing a paper, all expenses you will make during the congress will be covered by the Health, Culture and Sports Department of your school. Although there are different applications in each school, you can usually benefit from this support as a member of student communities.

9) What is a workshop?

  • The workshop is a gift for the students who won the congress. Only the gold group members can win this prize. In this context, one module in the Economy Summer Seminars will be entitled to graduate education in July 2020. This process is called a workshop. During the process accommodation / transportation and food expenses belong to the people themselves. The related modules will be determined by the Economy Summer Seminars Organizing Committee and will be notified to the participants.

10) Where can I find the spelling rules and other documents?

11) Are there advantages in accommodation and transportation?

  • There are many apartments, residences and hotels in the campus area. In addition, the lodgings of the institutions and KYK dormitories are also available. Below you will find the accommodation recommended in the campus area, which will apply a special discount for the congress.

12) Will there be points from the presentations?

  • They will receive points from the presentation they will make, not only from the article. In this scoring, not only the chairman, but also the person who will be included in the session will also have a score.

13) Is the trip program free?

  • The trip program is free to all participants and listeners.

14) How can I access detailed information for Congress?

  • For detailed information, please send an e-mail to kongregeko@gmail.com or call 0 258 296 2767.

15) What is consulting service, how can I benefit?

  • The consultancy service is a free assistance provided by the organizing committee of the congress to the participants / listeners about the congress. Two separate units are involved for participants and listeners. Persons responsible for the group or audience; they are responsible for assisting in the problems related to accommodation, transportation, food and congress.

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